dilapidations painting contractors

In property rental / leasing contracts between landlords and tenants you’ll find something along the lines of dilapidations costs that may be incured at the end of your lease or rental termination.

Many tenants are caught out on these contracts where they have failed to maintain the property to the standard that they found it in or that they have changed to colour theme in the property that the landlord doesn’t like.

If the exiting tenant doesn’t maintain the upkeep of the property or revert the colour scheme back to what the rental/leasing contract states, the landlord may impose additional costs on the exiting tenant for work carried out on the property to bring it up to standard for the next tenant.

This is where SPC Spray Painting Contractors can help you.
Our staff can quickly and professionally paint your property with minimal disruption, even with your funiture still in the building.

If you find yourself in a dilapidations dispute with your landlord or you are a landlord and a quick turn around time is very important to you please call or email us today and we can arrange a site visit to discuss your painting requirements.